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Liam is an award-winning actor who studied Drama and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has trained with companies including Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Cartoon De’Salvo, and Tin Horse and works in London. In addition Liam works as a writer and director, and has been dramaturg for the Wind-Up Collective, London Actors Group, Vertebrae Theatre and The SSA. Outside of Encompass he is the artistic director for immersive theatre company ‘in(ep)trepid’.


Liam joined Encompass acting in short film Stormin' Norman before becoming the host of Bare Essentials, London's best reviewed new writing night. He also featured in a voice role for WWIII drama Who Is Moloch?. Liam is a producer for Tartan Viking Films; their short The Sofa is a collaboration with Encompass and Pen & Rose. In 2014 Liam became Creative Producer for Encompass and co-wrote and co-produced their hit production This is Not a Christmas Play. As the head of new writing in the company Liam coordinates and directs for the Bare Essentials series of events, also directing and co-producing the critically acclaimed hit Stasis. He most recently served as executive producer for the 4 x Offie nominated Encompass production Chummy.


Most recent credits include: Boomtown Festival; Chekhov's Gun for Encompass Productions; Radio Foreplay for Encompass Productions; The Neath for Specifiq at the Vault Festival; Love in Freefall for Encompass Productions; Panther for Encompass Productions and Stasis for Encompass Productions. He directed and produced The Death of Marlowe for in(ep)trepid. Recent acting credits include; Kevin in The Favourite (film); The Gate Keeper in The People's Revolt for Differencengine; Graddick the Greddy in The 'Neath for SPECIFIQ and Rogue Productions; Dearly Departed / Father for Justice for in(ep)trepid; Stooge in The Trial for R-FT; Swelter in Gormenghast: Titus Groan for Blackshaw Theatre and Tim Bradshaw in ACT/OR for Stathi Twins Productions.

Creative Producer

Liam Fleming