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By Encompass Productions, Jul 25 2017 01:00PM

Wow, what a pleasure it was to bring you the transfer of Bare Essentials to the Arts Theatre in London's West End! Two full houses and as ever an incredibly entusiastic audience (two of whom were involved in one piece...) really gave the Encompass team a warm welcome to our new home. Thank you! Here's a recap of what the reviewers had to say:

'The relaxed and informal atmosphere combines with high-quality acting to provide a worthwhile and admirable experience.' ★★★★ LondonTheatre1

'A diverse, entertaining and lighthearted night..talented theatremakers.' - The Theatre Reviewer

'Bare Essentials was such a great night, I'm definitely coming along to the next one.' - The Mortal Fool

'What makes Bare Essentials so special is the incredible talent that is produced on such a minimalistic stage.' - The Spy in the Stalls

For many of us at Encompass this was a journey coming full circle - the first version of Bare Essentials ran at the Battersea Barge and The Visual Collective in 2012/13. When we re-thought and relaunched Bare Essentials in Summer 2014 we were in three spaces; the Amersham Arms in New Cross and the Top Secret Comedy Club and Savoy Tup in the West End. Sustaining regular shows in the West End venues ended up proving too difficult, so we spent 2 years developing the show into what you see today in New Cross before venturing back into the West End last year via the Seven Dials Club. This came a few months after the Arts Theatre approached us asking if there was anything we wanted to perform at Above The Arts. Now we're finally here! We have long wanted Bare Essentials to be associated with a theatre and we're incredibly excited by the possibilities our new residency at the Arts Theatre will bring. The best is still yet to come. Big thanks to the Arts Theatre team for having the faith, and to all of you who keep pushing us to succeed at our mission to make Bare Essentials THE theatre night to go out to in London town.

We have something very special planned for Bare Essentials before the end of the year. Want to get involved or be notified when tickets are on sale for the next one? You might want to subscribe to our mailing list.

In the meantime we're going to take a short break whilst Liam and Róisín Walsh work creative for Boomtown, Sofi heads up Iris Theatre's Summer season and many of us head to the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe (where we first started!). Peace and love to all - support new writing!

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