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In its early years the work of Encompass Productions was been supported by a number of patrons. Their financial support helped us construct and transport set, props and costume, pay for venue hire and also vital publicity such as posters, flyers and advertisements. Without this aid we would not have an audience, let alone something for them to watch! The help of our patrons has enabled us to continue to evolve and we are incredibly thankful for their support.


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Who Is Moloch?







Stormin' Norman


What It Feels Like

Adam Alston - Maria Arnaoutaki - Ann Baxter - Rafe Bexckley - Elizabeth Carrie - Becca Churchward

Lisa Donogue - Marc Flores - Serena Gallenstein - Ido Gonen - Tom Hampshire - Caroline Hardwicke

Chris Higgins - Ronald Holmberg - Helen Hutchinson - Theresa Jouliac - Charles McGibbon

Barbara Mitchell - Debra Parsons - Tasneem Sharrem - Christopher O'Shaughnessy - Daniel Smyth

Andrew Miller - Kerry Smith - Andrew Walker - Charlie Walker - Gary and Linda Wallis - Andrew White

Andy White - June Wynn - Paul Wynn - Perlita Woodhouse


Elaine Martyn - Theresa Jouliac - Perlita Woodhouse


Blanca Acerboni - Stuart Ballin - Roger Curtis - Susie Dowdell - Stefano Ferri - Murray Forrest

Valerie Gould - Gareth & Marian Harvey - Richard Holmes - Theresa Jouliac - Anne and Richard Mason Stella Mayo - Christine Plastow - Ian Maxwell - Elaine Martyn - Catherine Russell - Laura Nixon

Laura Wood - Nicholas Smith - Sir Stephen Wall - Perlita Woodhouse - Valerie Wynn