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Score by Alex Burnett

"The well thought out soundtrack only enhanced and never eclipsed the performances of the actors and at times made it feel like watching a high budget TV drama."

- EdFringe Review


"Supported by an excellent original score, which had the woman sitting next to me in tears by the final scene, I cannot not recommend this play enough."

- DamoWords Fringe Blog


The score for What It Feels Like took a narrative approach to composition, using two levels: the soundscape for the dream-like world of the coma and the emotional, thematic layer where lemotifs for the characters develop as the story progresses.


Inspired by research into near-death experiences, composer Alex Burnett experimented using a technique of frequency and resonance stretching of audio to create new and unique sounds that would give a sense of surrealism. The result is something moving, epic and deeply cinematic.