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Score by Alex Burnett

"Particular plaudits are due to Alex Burnett for the dark and complex soundscape that accompanied the play."

- The Londoneer


"The soundscape is fitting, particularly the reflection of actors’ voices while they're off-stage. Composer Alex Burnett is selling his scores outside the venue and it's well worth the listen."

- What's On Stage


The score for Who Is Moloch? heavly influenced the atmosphere of the production fluidly combining with a wide variety of sound effects to create a gritty, atmospheric sound.


Composer Alex Burnett combined industrial and electronic elements along with heavily sampled sounds of warfare (such as bullet shells and stomping horses), creating a haunting, threatening experience for the audience who are thrown right into the middle of a future war. As the soldiers weave in between the layers of the play-within-the-play the music thematically changes to piano and string-based orchestration; signifying the loss of grip on reality as they enter the fantasy world of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.